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Restaurants across the country are facing a potentially steep increase in operating costs due to new and evolving grease trap and grease interceptor. Interceptors range in cost from $1, - $1, Pre-Cast Concrete In-Ground Grease Traps. A pre-cast concrete grease trap operates on the same. HOW MUCH DOES A GREASE TRAP OR INTERCEPTOR COST AND WHO DO I CALL TO GET ONE INSTALLED? They vary in cost, depending on size and application and can start as.

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icon grease trap repair. Trained technicians with experience repairing and replacing plumbing appurtenances in a commercial kitchen environment. This should be cleaned up monthly, by rule of thumb, which will cost from 75 to USD. If the establishment is large, the grease trap is built outside. We have the experience and equipment to fix grease traps and provide commercial plumbing services in a safe, cost-effective way.

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Typical installation of Grease interceptor = $15, or more. Of course while you should let the size and food production be the governing factor in determining. Learn the benefits of stainless steel grease interceptors/traps, commercial kitchen restaurant grease trap / interceptor and stainless steel drainage. Purchase your Restaurant Grease Traps and other waste management equipment at wholesale prices on Browse our selection to find the.