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Suggested citation: National Intellectual Disability Memory Service (). Keeping your brain healthy. Page 3. Why is it important to keep your brain healthy? Brain health is a hot topic among older adults, and perhaps an even bigger concern for retired educators who have rigorously challenged their own brains. Eat a healthy and balanced diet that is lower in fat and higher in vegetables and fruit to help reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Although research on diet.

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Here are some positive steps you can take to keep your brain as healthy as possible, whatever your MS diagnosis. Avoid smoking. Cigarette smoking is associated. Want to keep your mind sharp? Dr Adeline Ng, Senior Consultant from the Department of Neurology at National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), shares simple. Here are 12 ways you can help maintain brain function. 1. Get mental stimulation. Through research with mice and humans, scientists have found that brainy.

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Get expert advice and tips for keeping your brain sharp and healthy. The almighty brain! The problem is, we only get one. These talks have great advice on what we can do to ensure its health and well-being. Brain health is as important as heart health, and as we age, there are steps we can It's important to get regular exercise to keep your brain healthy.