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MAPs Funds from Irish Life. Irish Life MAPS are a range of investment funds, which are available across the Irish Life pension, investment and savings plans. State Savings offers you tax free Savings Products and Prize Bonds % protected by the Irish State. No fees, sales commissions or transaction charges. Savings & Investments. Impartial investment advice is a crucial element in ensuring that your funds are invested in a way that reflects your personal needs.

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Life Assurance companies offer a range of savings and investment products designed to help you to meet your financial objectives. Fixed Term Deposits. Thumbnail of Fixed Term Deposits. Invest £10, or more; No maximum investment; Fixed interest rate. McGuire Liston work with you to identify Saving & Investment in Ireland in the budget and differ from other investment media as rental income and.

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Investing a lump sum or saving a monthly amount can be a good step towards keeping up with inflation. Expert advice is recommended to evaluate fund otpions. National Savings and Investments (NS&I) · Income Bonds · Premium Bonds · Direct Saver · Direct ISA · Junior ISA · Investment Accounts · Index-linked Savings. NS&I offers you % secure savings and investments, backed by HM Treasury. Premium Bonds, ISAs and savings accounts. Start saving today.