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This is a quick block ID for junk yard hunting, etc. You must find the date code at the back LH side of the block first. The letter is the month. Crankshaft Turning Tool, Small Block Ford, Pontiac, Buick - K Part#: K Reference chart below for more details of part# above. Pontiac used the same codes on different year differentiate them it will have to be determined what year the block to the distributor hole.

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By Rocky Rotella The traditional Pontiac V-8 engine's short block has some unique characteristics. If you're planning to rebuild an engine you've already. Pontiac GTO FIREBIRD LEMANS GRAND PRIX TORQUE MONSTER BLOCK. WE HAVE UP FOR SALE A PONTIAC BLOCK CODE YH. DATE CODE C 21 9. ENGINE ROOM. THIS. So he goes all-in with a Kauffman Racing Equipment block that offers all the most desirable features and eliminates the fickle problems that crop up when.

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I have 15 Pontiac blocks listed below. Some have Cranks and pistons but no heads, i do have heads for each but they are listed separately. “The aluminum block comes with approximately a ˝ roughed out cylinder, so we had to bore and hone it to ˝,” he says. “We had to deck the block with a. Pontiac block codes. YEAR CID H.P. MANUAL TRANSMISSION AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ET,ES ER D,DT -- F,FP -- -- A H B.