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Digital Photography Crash Course Michael Andrew, an award winning instructor and professional wedding photographer, introduces us to the amazing world of. The six-course certificate program documents that you have the basic skills and knowledge required to enter the competitive digital photography market. The. Digital Photography courses from top universities and industry leaders. Learn Digital Photography online with courses like How to Crop and Resize in Adobe.

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Develop your skills in digital still photography, studio photography, image editing, All credits can be applied toward a Photography technical diploma. Courses. You can start with a digital photography certificate, taking classes that directly apply to the associate degree. Certificate. Digital photography. This course introduces you to the most important functions and techniques used to create digital photographs with your digital camera.

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Discover Digital Photography is designed for the novice photographer with no previous experience with digital cameras. This course will teach you all about. These include camera handling, composition, effective use of light, file management, digital image manipulation and developing a photographic vision. Students. Learn digital photography basics including lighting and image editing using After the start of their first class, students must declare their intent to.